Quite a few years ago we had a family of squirrels that instead of staying in the sycamore tree decided that the roof space in our home would be a perfect place for the family to reside. They booted out the starlings that had made their home there and had a lovely warm luxury apartment. They got in through a gap above the bathroom window and you could hear them scuttering about. After a while though we realised that it couldn’t continue as they had eaten through Sonny’s model planes and all the christmas decorations and other things that were stored in the loft.

Evenutally we had to remove them and fill in the gap in the wall. What a surprise they got when they couldn’t find the entrance to their luxury pad. They now live back in the surrounding sycamore trees and come to play and eat each day. One thing I have noticed is that although food is available everyday for them they still have the instinct to take and bury whatever they can. It is something that is very deep rooted within them.

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