This is how it all began with just a little thought.
My garden is a mess, a pond is what I sought.
Whilst the children were growing up, a playground it had been
And thoughts of ponds and flowers and frogs were all but a dream.
Football ground and bonfire night was my gardens only job
My poor sycamore must have thought that it lived it’s life in fog
Then one day I decided – the plastic pond with nothing in
could go into another place, and so we started digg’in.
My friend Elizabeth came to give me a helping hand
With Darren telling us what to do we made a cheerful band.

At the bottom of the wilderness, we dug an oblong hole
As the soil built up along the edge, it looked like we had a mole.
The blue plastic pond was in, it looked sweet amongst the weeds
Or as I like to call them ‘wildflowers with lots of seeds’.
The job was done or so I thought until the next day came
And Joe brought me some rocks to put around the edge again.
So we started to dig a little trench for the rocks to lay inside
Then the hole just kept on growing, it seemed a mile wide.
We thought about the little pond, then looked upon the hole
“lets throw the plastic one away, it’s ripped around the bowl”

Joe brought a liner and filled the pond and to the valley we strolled
We collected rushes and newts, sticklebacks and frogs to behold.
Joe made a rockery and a waterfall, he is a talented man
If any job needs doing, then he’s a man who can.
Since then I just keep adding the things I love to see
The garden is a haven for wildlife and for me.
It’s full of flowers and trees and frogs, I love to see them grow
It’s even got wild mushrooms made from tree trunks don’t you know.
But this is thanks to Elizabeth who helped me dig the hole
Which started off a project and made me reach a goal.

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