The Beginning of my pond story starts in 1997.

The children had all flown the nest and now time was available to put to rights the ravages of having boys, bikes, bonfires and football matches in the garden. My friend Elizabeth said she would help me to move a small preformed kidneybowl of a pond over to my wild patch where nothing would grow except nettles, thistles, wild buttercups and weeds. (After all it was going to be a wildlife pond and the area was certainly wild !! ) This was the push I needed to get the project going. Digging began.

After the first pond was created with the kidneybowl shaped preform it didn’t take long to realise that it just wasn’t going to do justice to what I wanted and no sooner was it in than it was being replaced by pond no.2 which managed a couple of years before pond no.3 took over and finally pond no.4 which is my current pond.

As ‘pondaholics’ we soon come to understand that a pond is always better just that little bit bigger. No matter how pleased I was with the previous ponds there was always something that could have been done just that little bit better. Maybe that will be the case here too with pond no.4, but at the moment I am more than happy with the result. From this angle you can get a view of the length as it spreads over 17 ft from the waterfall to the end of the shallows. You can also see where the shallows begin to slope until they are just a few inches under water. The deep part of the pond is 10ft by 9ft circular and encompasses the whole of what was pond no 3. The water depth is around 2ft deep. The shallows are around a depth of 1ft at the deepest sloping gently up to a couple of inches at the edge of the wall. This is where the frogs now spawn. The rockery part of the pond looks a little odd from this angle but it leads gently into the pond and the pond looks in “real life” much better than the photo can portray

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