These are a lovely fish with lots of variety in their markings and colour. The shubunkin is a calico variety of goldfish and it means in Chinese ‘Chuwen-Chin’ (Poor man’s koi).

They have streamlined bodies with well-developed and even fins. They possess nacreous scales (a mix of metallic and transparent scales that are pearly in appearance). This overlapping patches of red, white, grey and black (along with dark speckles) on a blue background normally extends to the finnage of shubunkins. It may take several months for the nacreous colouration to develop on a young fry but darker coloured fish can maintain their colours with age. Shubunkins are excellent pond fish because they can reach an overall length ranging from 9 to 16 inches.

All the shubunkins in my pond range from about 5 inches to 9 inches but so far I haven’t reached the 16 inch range. I think I will make that my next goal. I prefer the pale blue colourings to the orange but they are all lovely. I would always recommend everyone to have a few shubunkins.

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