Golden Orfe

I really like the golden orfe. My nickname for it is ‘Torpedo’ as they look sleek like a torpedo going through the water. I didn’t realise that they could grow so large. I thought they were just like a small goldfish. Mine must be getting on for 16-18 inches long now and has a good girth on him. They look much sleeker in the water. It is only when you get them out in the net that you realise how large in both length and width they really are. They are just a little smaller than my ghost koi.

Our eldest son Mark and our youngest son Darren (or Nodd to all his friends and family) both are bailiffs on ponds. Mark in Catterick in North Yorkshire and Nodd in Kippax in West Yorkshire. They love to go fishing and I once caught them fishing in my garden pond. They were only kidding me on though and didn’t really go for my fish, but they tried to go for the Orfe. The funny thing with the situation was that they just put a worm on the end of the line and lo and behold what came to take the bait, not an orfe but the tiny stickleback.

The most recent Angling information about the golden orfe is the current UK record is 7 lb 14 oz, and anything over around 4 lb is considered to be a specimen. Maybe I will let Nodd bring his scales and see how much mine weighs.

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