Ghost Koi

This variety of koi appeared in the early 1980’s under the intriguing name of ghost koi.The popularity of the ghost koi in the UK is so great that in a recent survey, pondkeepers voted ghost koi as the nation’s favourite koi variety, surprisingly head and shoulders above any of the more conventional and more colourful koi varieties. Although most strict koi keepers probably wouldn’t give them the time of day I am happy to have mine. Sometimes I have thought of mine as being a bit ugly compared to the beautiful markings and colours of the pure koi, but when anyone says to me “can I have your ghost if you don’t like it ?” I get very protective of it and say “No way it is always going to be mine.”

Ghost koi and ghost carp are the same fish and are carp hybrids and sometimes get called koi carp, the result of a cross between a metallic koi and a common carp. This is not a hybridisation between species but between varieties of the same species producing fertile offspring.

I originally had 2 gold (mainly grey and gold markings) and 1 silver (mainly black and silver markings) ghost koi. There is a strange tale about our silver ghost. I bought him quite a few years after the gold ones and he was only small. After only about two weeks he was nowhere to be seen in the pond no matter how hard we looked. Then a couple of years ago as I was messing about near the pond I thought I saw some feathertails amongst some plants. In the first few moments I thought it was a blackbird that had fallen into the pond. It was completely black and quite large. As I got nearer I couldn’t believe what it was, a big black fish. I stared at it for a while and thought “I haven’t got any black fish how did you get here” It was a very sunny hot day and it was laid with just the tail and a fin visable.

Sonny was the one who thought it looked like a koi. It was then that we remembered the silver ghost that had disappeared years before. How amazing was that. It had lived in the pond all the time never visable and had completely lost it’s silver markings. We have only seen it twice in all these years, but know that it must still be in there somewhere. I can’t wait for another hot sunny day to see if it ever surfaces again.

This week my Son came and weighed our ghost koi. He weighed 9lb in the net so Nodd reckoned he was approx 7lb 12oz so not too bad a weight.  We should have taken other readings but in the heat we didn’t like to keep him out of the water. Maybe next time..

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