When we started out with the pond I hadn’t any intention of having fish other than Sticklebacks. This was going to be a wildlife pond for my lovely frogs. Well, the frogs don’t have any sense of my love for them or any duty to me and toddle off whenever they like, which is a bit inconsiderate of them to say the least.

Anyway it began to be a bit lonely without them and as they only stay for a short time each year I needed something of more interest in the pond. I finally bought 2 small Ghost Koi, a couple of Sarasa Comets and 2 Golden Orfe along with a few goldfish. I was also given some larger fish by a relative and got 3 tench given by a petshop owner when I bought some other fish. These were sufficient at the time to keep my interest. It wasn’t until quite a few months later that I was told that I should feed the fish. OOPS that hadn’t occured to me, I just thought that they ate what was in the pond. That is true up to a point, but you have to have the right circumstances for it to be possible. So now they started being fed. Even the sticklebacks would come up and eat the food I was throwing in for them. The pond started to look much better now with fish swimming silently around.

I really like Diamond-back Sturgeon and went to buy a small one. I came back with a much larger White Lace sturgeon instead. They were cheaper and still very nice. My young grandchildren called it sharks and was quite enthralled with how it swam about. It grew into a lovely large specimen but after a couple of years we had a hot summer and it led to it’s demise. I felt very upset but when I went back to where I had bought it, they also had lost quite a few overnight and said it was to do with the weather as they were cold, cold fish but the weather was hot,hot,hot. I didn’t feel so bad then knowing it wasn’t all my fault. Then I got a diamond-back and lost that to the neighbourhood magpie. so I vowed I wouldn’t get any more.

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