The male and female blackbirds are so different. The male blackbird is exactly as it’s name suggests. He is a lovely black feathered bird with a beautiful yellow beak. The female is not black at all. She is brown with a fairly speckled breast. They like to eat fruit so I tend to put out apples in lots of places in the garden so that they can find them and eat them.

We have quite a few blackbirds in our garden. They are always so welcome. I love to watch them chasing after each other and just taking over the garden. We have a pyracantha bush against the house wall and last year the blackbirds made a nest for the first time in it. Unfortunately it was too near the outside tap and so the birds abandoned it when they got disturbed. Luckily before they had laid any eggs. I hope that they will use it again in a more suitable place away from the tap. It is amazing how they can just gather small twigs and little leaves yet make such intricate nests. Another thing they like about the pyracantha bush is it’s berries. It is a wonderful source of food for them in the autumn.

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